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Members met at the Australian Ballet Centre for the Annual General Meeting of The Australian Ballet Society Inc on Thursday 28 April 2011.
The Honorary Treasurer, Ian Drew, presented the financial statements for the Year ended 31 December 2010 for both The Australian Ballet Society Inc and The Australian Ballet Society Fund. These statements had been audited and presented by Pricewaterhouse Coopers Australia as being satisfactory.
The President thanked the Executive and General Committee as well as the Office and Deli staff on another successful year. David McAllister, Valerie Wilder and the staff of The Australian Ballet as well as Marilyn Rowe and the staff of The Australian Ballet School were also thanked for their support.

Nominations for ELECTIONS to the GENERAL COMMITTEE had been called for 28 days prior to the AGM as required by the Ballet Society's Rules.
Committee Members who offered themselves for re-election and were nominated were:
Catriona Bruce, Coralie Carson, Joy Cassidy, Jenny Chynoweth, Robin Collins, Ian Drew, Norma Drew, Terri Fitzsimons, Helen Hunwick, Marlene Kavanagh, Jeanette Levy, Ann McKie, Patsy Martin, Constance Pannell, Ruth Triggs, Kay Williamson, Josie Woodgate.
Society General Members - Clyde Broughton and Graham Clark - also accepted nomination to the Committee.
As nominations received were not more than the vacancies available, all nominated Members were declared duly elected and congratulated.


Under the Ballet Society’s Rules nominations for the Executive Committee were receivable up to and at the last Committee Meeting prior to the AGM. Only existing Committee Members who have served one year on the Committee are eligible to be nominated by Members of the Committee who have also served for one year on the Committee.
The following nominations were received and are duly elected.

President   Josie Woodgate OAM
Vice President   Joy Cassidy
Vice President   Kay Williamson
Honorary Secretary   Ann McKie
Honorary Treasurer   Ian Drew

The President then announced the offer of Honorary Membership to longtime Dancers’ Deli volunteer to DEIDRE JOHNSON. Deidre was delighted to accept which was given in recognition of her 'reliable and responsible work as a volunteer who was devoted to giving her time and effort to support The Australian Ballet and The Australian Ballet School'.

The President also presented to Honorary Treasurer, IAN DREW, Honorary Life Membership in recognition of his commitment to the aims and ideals of the Ballet Society since he joined the Committee just over ten years ago. The President commented "When I approached Ian to take on particular responsibilities, he took on the challenges, studied the requirements, spent hours making himself aware of the procedures, put his head down and did the job."

Members present responded to the presentations with loud applause and some cheers in congratulations to these two wonderful supporters of the work of the Ballet Society.
Everyone then celebrated the evening’s Meeting with some supper and a glass of wine and/or orange juice!


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