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This was an absolutely unique evening when Society Members and their guests had the opportunity to view a collection of 40 pointe shoes decorated by artists and designers from Australia but mainly from South Australia, where obviously there is a wealth of artistic talent and generosity as well because they donated their work to support The Australian Ballet.

The President of The Friends of The Australian Ballet, S.A. Inc. , Miranda Hodge and her Committee offered the Ballet Society the chance to see this extraordinary collection which was a gem of imagination from each creative artist.  Each artist used their individual flair to produce a piece of art which ranged from a gentle flower interpretation to a steely ‘gothic-like’ one (Steel Incarnate) and everything in between.









Studios 7 and 8 were the venue and the shoes were beautifully displayed surrounded by roses provided by several Members and Society Administrator, Judith Rhodes.  Barbara Langley, recently retired from Wardrobe, and her long-time colleague, Wardrobe Production Manager, Michael Williams, set up each piece of art in its own glass dome.

These extraordinary shoes are going to be auctioned by -
BONHAMS AUCTIONS on 26 November in Sydney at 6.30pm and on-line.
Each one would be a discussion piece of art in anyone’s home and certainly, for ballet enthusiasts, a great reminder of the diversity of the art they love.  All proceeds of the auction go to The Australian Ballet so get on to the web!

The Ballet Society is most grateful to Miranda and her colleague, Rachel Gelis for attending the presentation and extends its thanks also to The Friends of The Australian Ballet (SA)Inc. for making us part of the display of the ‘Create’ Collection.











Rachel, Josie and Miranda

As you would expect, there was a tasty supper supplied by the Society Committee and lots of chatter about the gorgeous pointe shoes.

Josie Woodgate  OAM


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