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Performance on 27 August 2015

This extraordinary program is an example of great choreography and unbelievable dancing.

The 20th Century was represented by the Balanchine/Stravinsky work Symphony in Three Movements which was new to Australian audiences but one expected it to be good – and, of course, it was; The Twyla Tharp/Philip Glass incredible In the Upper Room dance celebration was as wonderful as when it was first here ten years ago when most audiences cheered (and some were not pleased!)

But the Tim Harbour work was completely new with a commissioned score by 48Nord and 21st Century sets by Kelvin Ho and with the most exciting and challenging choreography you could ever witness.

Photo: Lynette Wills

The Lighting design by Benjamin Cisterne was a perfect foil for the dancers whose movements were highlighted in a spectacular show of creativity.

Photo: Lynette Wills

  The whole program was danced with amazing excitement and fantastic technique and the audience was exhausted and exhilarated just watching it.

Photo: Kate Longley

Each dancer’s face glowed as they took their bows with pride!

Josie Woodgate OAM


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