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Odette, Odile?  Oh Dear! ... Prince Siegfried


There is probably no one else in Australia who has appeared in six different productions of Swan Lake.  So I could say, with lots of confidence, that COLIN PEASLEY holds the record of seeing more swans gracefully decorating and flying across the stage than anyone else in Australia and perhaps anywhere else in the world as well.  No doubt he has seen the best, perhaps the not-so-good and viewed the down-right funny on stage through the last 54 years of performances.

Colin is a raconteur of great experience and he has also an irreverent manner of delivery which he uses to great effect and  which results in lots of laughter from the audience.  At the same time they are listening to a man who knows ballet and loves it with a passion.


He is a founding member of The Australian Ballet and his work with the Company covers decades of performances in a multitude of roles including, in particular, character roles.

Colin spoke of the challenges of each production and also mentioned his love of Graeme Murphy’s version which he feels is unique and ‘grabs’ audiences wherever it is performed.He spoke of the joy that the ballet, Swan Lake, gives to audiences everywhere in whatever production, not just because of the dancing, but because of the most beautiful music ever written.

No one in the audience wanted Colin to finish and asked question after question which he answered with his usual flair and humour.  It was a wonderfully entertaining evening all round topped off with a marvellous supper!

Josie Woodgate OAM


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