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Society members met at the Ballet Centre and boarded the bus to go to Parkdale in comfort and with no worries, lots of chatter and laughs with a touch of anticipation as well.

It was a perfect summer day (even though it was half-way through autumn) so the sunshine really showed off the beautiful federation house that has become a home to young Australian Ballet School students needing accommodation.  These young promising dancers come from the country, interstate and overseas and need the care and encouragement that this home provides.


Society members were taken on a tour of the building and were very impressed with the design and lay-out of the extensions at the back of the building.  It includes accommodation for 37 students and has a relaxing area with bright coloured furniture including huge bean bags, comfortable chairs, a very large TV and lots of light from a floor to ceiling glass wall which leads to an outside patio and greenery.

interior, lounge

The director, Lisa Pavane and general manager, Sandra Ball told us about how it all works and then we all sat at the dining tables for a lunch provided by the Society Committee.  It was a special day for everyone and will stay in the memories of all who were there.

Josie Woodgate
14 April 2016     


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