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CONCERT:  ‘RHAPSODY IN BLUE’ @ OTHER CLASSICS – Created by PAUL BRICKHILL, Head of Music/Audio Visual Coordinator of The Australian Ballet School.  Tickets sold by the Ballet Society;  Afternoon tea provided by the Ballet Society and function organized by Judith Rhodes, Administrator of The Ballet Society.  All profits to go directly to The Australian Ballet School.


This was a most wonderful concert which had the enthusiastic audience which packed Studio 8 standing, applauding and cheering at the end of items.

Pianists Diane Palmer, Keith Ng, Izabella Mougerman and Paul Brickhill  plus Oboeist, Cassandra Horsman and Balalaika Player, Yuri Mouguerman were the musicians who entertained us magnificently.


The program commenced gently with Diane playing music by Nevin, Chaminade and Ravel followed by Cassandra on oboe accompanied by Diane playing Elegie from Sonato for Oboe and Piano by Francis Poulenc.


Keith Ng then played a very melodic piece called Liu Yang River by Wang Jianzhong, followed by Chorale Prelude for Organ by Bach-Busoni and finished with the brilliant Waltz in A Flat Opus 42 by Chopin which just about brought the ceiling down!  He is a quiet, humble young man with a huge talent.

Yuri and Izabella on Balalaika and Piano then performed exciting Russian works ‘Only Once in a Life Time’ by Boris Fomin and Yablochko – a traditional Russian Sailors Dance.  They also played a piece by Sergey Kachalin called

The Old Banjo which had everyone intrigued with its jazzy and country music feel.  This couple perform their music as one and Yuri plays his instrument as the leading virtuoso he undoubtedly is.  It was magic!

Paul Brickhill then joined Keith on the Piano and they played Pathetique Symphony – 3rd Movement.  One piano, Four hands.  Arranged and composed by Tchaikovsky.  That had the same effect on the audience as the previous item had.  A great deal of happy noises from the Audience but also tears of appreciation.

Paul Brickhill then performed ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ Piano Solo arranged by the composer, George Gershwin.   It is such a well-known famous piece that the audience is anticipating every section and their faces showed their total involvement in the music.  It was a wonderfully passionate performance and there were many listening who were tearful with the emotion Paul’s playing produced. 

It was a privilege to be present at this concert to hear and admire these talented musicians of The Australian Ballet School.  Thank you to them all.

A great tasty afternoon tea and a couple of wines finished off a very special day for all who were present.


Josie Woodgate



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