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50th Celebration at ‘Cranlana’: Sunday 30 October 2016:


Lady Southey who so generously gave us this special afternoon, notified President, Josie Woodgate at the last minute that she would be unable to attend.  However this did not stop the celebration and guests were greeted at the entrance of the beautiful 20s home with a glass of sparkling champagne and an invitation to wander around the magnificent gardens.  The angels  smiled upon us and the sun shone all the afternoon.


There were afternoon snacks and wine and lots of talk in the reception area before everyone moved into the ballroom where the Alto Strings Trio entertained with a mixture of music from all eras.



David McAllister, Artistic Director of The Australian Ballet, spoke in glowing terms of the work of the Ballet Society as it affected his life as a student, a professional dancer and now as Director of our national ballet Company.  David has been a great supporter of the  Ballet Society and proudly wore his Honorary Life Member’s badge.



Simon Dow, Classical Teacher and Choreographer at The Australian Ballet School, a former student at the School and dancer with the Company, also spoke with genuine regard for the work and support the Ballet Society has given to the School over the last 50 years.




The President thanked David and Simon and then mentioned two ladies who were present at the beginning of the Ballet Society’s commitment of support, Mrs Sylvia Stock and Mrs Margaret Mallinson.  She also made special mention of the former General Manager of The Australian Ballet, Ian McRae, who was also a great supporter and a wonderful communicator within the whole organization.  Kenneth Watkins, Director of Philanthropy of the Company was also thanked for his long-time support and encouragement of the Society.  Colin Peasley also got a mention for giving so much time and support to the Society’s work and proudly mentioned he was an Honorary Life Member as well.  


There was a magnificent cake which disappeared very quickly and everyone joined in with a great rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’.  Judith Rhodes, Administrator, was presented with a gorgeous arrangement of flowers for her usual perfect organization of this special event.


Josie Woodgate




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