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                                                                      Lucas Jervies, Choreographer and creator of the  highly anticipated Australian Ballet

                                                                       production of SPARTACUS with Judith Rhodes ( Interim President & Administrator )


After a day of exhausting rehearsals Lucas offered his vision and creative concepts to Society Members and Friends.

Based on the story of Spartacus who,with fellow slaves and gladiators, defeated legions of  Romans but was eventually thwarted by the Roman Commander Crassus, and the enduring love between Spartacus and his wife Flavia.

Lucas provided insight not only  into the regime of that era but also his vision to create with classical dance and drama a ballet that will resonate with the audiences of today. 

 Lucas gave a most interesting talk surrounded by some costumes and set designs. The evening concluded with supper and Lucas mingled with the guests - including a student dancer with The Australian Ballet School who will soon be onstage in SPARTACUS.


















































































































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